The Origins: Thistle & Mint

Thistle and Mint was founded with two main goals; first creating unique gastronomic experiences and second discovering colorado’s culture through cuisine.

With the foundation of our events being a Personal Chef Experience, we provide intimate dinners with menus based in Colorado history. We limit to sourcing only from Colorado to showcase the “terroir” and tell stories through food. Our menus change with the seasons. We host Pop-up Dinners and cater to intimate weddings, small events, and personal dining experiences.

The Chef: Jared

"I am the Chef and Owner of Thistle and Mint, a personal chef and small event catering business. I love the beauty of  Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. This is why my focus is on cuisine that is made of ingredients that are sourced locally from farmers and growers that are located  here as well as those that are available naturally in the wild. I grow some things and forage for items too. I am committed to making buzz-words like " Hyper-local" and " Farm-to-table"  mean something more than just things people say to loosely describe a type of cuisine. My menu is only made up of things that can actually be found in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains and it really is seasonal, too."

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The Other Stuff: Olivia

Olivia handles everything not involving food. She is the one you’ll be in contact with the most when booking your wedding or dinner party.

 "The food industry was not always on my To Do list, but owning and operating a small business has proven to be challenging and rewarding.

Getting to know other business owners and people in the community is my favorite part of being a business owner because I love people."